Breakthrough is a showcase mission, which features my custom made railgun / coilgun CSAT tank as reaction to the original railgun / coilgun tank which was shown on old ArmA3 promo screenshots. The tank isn’t 1:1 the same (antenna are missing and the back of the turret looks slightly different), but I tried my best to at least get the boxy turret back into the game.

The 3D model was made by me, the texture is the original one from Bohemia Interactive, which can still be found in the game files. The sound effect is cut together from a random google-search Quake 3 railgun sound effect (I suck at sound engineering), and the most important part, the basic script that makes it possible for my boxy gun to be correctly placed and aligned in the game, was made by a redditor which I unfortunately can’t credit as of now, because I was unable to re-find the link to the thread. Shame on me for that one, but I am of good hope to find it again some day.

The mission itself is rather simple and straight forward: Defend the CSAT tanks and repel the enemy assault. It’s short and thrown together in kind of a hurry. It’s reason to exist is solely to show the tank in action.

Situation: NATO forces have captured ground on Altis fast, but for now we were able to stop and severely cripple their advance.

With the airport still in our hands, air superiority over Altis is ours, which helps us a great deal against the invading force.

As of now, small groups of special operators are being deployed at strategical positions to sabotage NATO support and create distractions.

Download & Installation

Subscribe the addon in the Steam Workshop. After that you can use the new T-100 Varsuk with coilgun and play the showcase mission from the “Scenario” menu.

Questions, problems, bugs or anything like that? Write me. – And if you like what you get here, please don’t mind about dropping a donation or two:

Known Issues:

  • The boxy gun is “lagging behind” the turret movement, which comes from the way the script handles the object…
  • … this results in sometimes the original gun “sticking out” of the new boxy one if the turret is rotating too fast. I tried to be smart and simply add alpha transparency to the texture, to make the original gun invisible, but this didn’t really worked out because of whatever reason.
  • Also there is a visual bug which let’s the old / original T-100 turret shine through the new one if you are the tank gunner or commander. This makes the tank more or less not very pretty to use if you want to drive by yourself.
  • The boxy gun is non-solid. This means, depending on the current rotation of the turret, the player might be able to walk through the object. For the life of god I was unable to get that right. Maybe a future update will deal with it…
  • The boxy gun placement script has it’s weakness: Aim too high and rotate the turret to the sides will slightly roll the gun. My math skills are way too bad to fix this on my own.

What does this mean? Well, the known issues list looks super long, no? As it is right now, the tank should sadly be used only for ambient combat scenes, where the player is never a crew member. This pretty much gives the best results and can look super cool if done right. Also it’s a damn coilgun tank- Bohemia Interactive canned their original, so this is better than nothing, no? …No?


  • Lexx – 3D Model
  • Bohemia Interactive – Texture
  • Sound Effect – Partly out of Quake 3 for now… hurr durr
  • Unknown Reddeditor – Base script for the turret positioning

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