Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty – Mission Pack

Lexx presents:


Beyond the Call of Duty – Mission Pack

Welcome, Officer! On this website you can download my custom mission pack for the 1999 released Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty. This pack includes 6 new missions, sending you to various fictitious locations in Germany, 1943.

I’ve started working on the mission pack after it came to my attention, that various fan-made modding tools had been released in recent years, which allow the creation of new content for Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines and Beyond the Call of Duty. As I am a huge fan of the games, I simply had to craft my own material with them – there really was no other choice. All missions were created between May 2012 to May 2013, and are assembled mainly from original art assets.

If you do not own the game, you can get it over at the boys and girls from GOG for just a few bucks. It is worth it! (No, I do not get money for the advertisment.)

Download & Installation

STEP ONE: Run the Mission Pack Installer and chose your Commandos: BCD game path (usually the “coman_mp” folder, but not necessarily). The installer will extract the “war_mp.dir” file and then patch the “MISIONES.DAT” in “DATOS\MISIONES\”. The new missions will always be played first if you start a new game. If you have finished them, the game will continue with the next available mission, which is usually the main games content.

STEP TWO: Use the Resolution-Hack and play the game in a higher resolution! My personal suggestion for widescreen users: 1280x720px

Questions, problems, bugs or anything like that? Write me. – And if you like what you get here, please don’t mind about dropping a donation or two:


UPDATE #3: 03.01.2015
Mission “A quiet Day”:
  • The train conductor is visible again.
Generic changes:
  • Normal Save / Load and Quicksave should be possible again.
UPDATE #2: 28.04.2014
Mission “Cold Landing”:
  • Tweaked soldier placement.
Mission “Panzerzug”:
  • Added: All tents are accessible now.
  • Fixed: Object and sector issues.
  • Upgraded map visuals and
  • Tweaked soldier placement.
Mission “Heavy Hands”:
  • Added: Telephone to the north and south of the map.
  • Added: All tents are accessible now.
  • Minor graphic tweaks and
  • Tweaked soldier placement.
Mission “Hammerfall”:
  • Added: Destructible buildings.
  • Added: Rain weather effect
  • Fixed: The train now stops at the station now every turn
  • Upgraded map visuals and layout.
  • Tweaked soldier placement.
Mission “Lights Out”:
  • Fixed: A small, but annoying sector issue.
  • Fixed: A tiny graphic issue.
  • Upgraded map visuals and layout.
  • Tweaked soldier placement.
Generic changes:
  • Added: Tool-tips for mission objectives in all maps.
  • Added: Music tracks from Commandos 2 and 3.
  • Added: New SDKFZ 3 vehicle graphic.
  • Added: New bonus mission.
  • Added: New character hotkey system.
  • Adjusted the inventory set of the Commandos (only the Driver and Sapper have handcuffs now).
UPDATE #1: 14.03.2014
  • The installer will now extract and rename the WAR_MP.DIR file automatically.
  • Bonus mission added.


  • Lexx – Ideas, maps, scripting and additional graphics
  • Herbert3000 – Tips and additional support
  • Lisac2k – Briefing text
  • James Jewitt – British Commander voice
  • malik_cjm – Engine enhancements
  • Pixote – Tweaked the siege mortar graphic
  • SINP Mod – Snow weather graphic


Tips & Tricks

If you feel that the mission pack is too hard for you, consider the following tips:

  • Save early and save often.
  • CTRL+S is quicksave, CTRL+L is quickload.
  • Use available items like cigaretes and stones to lure guards.
  • The ability to control enemy soldiers is very useful every once in a while.
  • Timing is important. Wait for soldiers to be in a good position before you strike.
  • Be creative and try to combine your Commandos’ abilities.
  • Don’t forget to save your progress!


39 Responses to Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty – Mission Pack

  1. Sir I Can’t Play This Missions And I Can’t Understand……
    Please Give Me Any Video As A Tutorial….
    Or Please You Make Simple Installer Just Install And Play…..
    Thanks, I Hope You Reply Me….

    • Lexx says:

      I can’t make it easier than it already is. Download the setup, run it, point to your BCD installation folder and install the mod. Then you start it with the normal Coman_mp.exe file. That’s it. If this doesn’t work for you, then you’ll have to provide more information on the problem you have.

  2. gemma says:

    hello sir,
    I want to ask
    to play the mission pack will I have to install it Commandos bcd first ?

  3. Mimo says:

    in Mission “A quiet day” erscheint der Zugführer von Anfang an nicht. Es wurde kein Alarm ausgelöst. Müssen bestimmte Vorraussetzungen erfüllt sein bzw. irgendwelche Ziele erfüllt werden, damit er erscheint?

    • Lexx says:

      Muss definitiv da sein. Bewegt sich allerdings umher und verschwinder ab und an im Haus, kommt kurze Zeit später aber wieder heraus, wenn kein Alarm ausgelöst wurde.

  4. W says:

    I have problem with version 2.149. I cant install her. I have BCDMissions_v2.149.exe , when i start, select folder with games, then click install … very quick! i saw ” skipped:… ” , but my folder with games still has the same size…
    WTF ? In my opinion DIrextractor doesnt unpack wir_mp.dir … i dont know why…
    i dont unpack wir_mp.dir in dirextractor manually .. “write: permission denied” …

    When i install version 1.1.2 instalation is good, it takes a little longer, but all is okey.
    It’s worth to play this old version ??

  5. rikuhahl says:

    Train conductor in first bonus mission isnt on the place. Restart mission dont help :/

  6. Xserx says:

    There is no Conductor in that place in Mission “A quiet day” right from the start!!! And walkthrough without alarm doesn’t change anything :((
    I’ve read in comments above it’s seemed to be a common problem?

  7. erol says:

    there no train conductor, I get my own conductor from Sacramento

  8. Mikhail says:

    After installing the modification stopped working Save / Load… What could be the reason?

    • Mikhail says:

      including Quick Save/Load

    • Lexx says:

      Sorry for the hassle. I have punched together a small Hotfix:
      This should fix the Save / Load and also bring back the Conductor. Thanks to Mike_HDF from the Revora forum, he pointed this silly issue out for me (the installer is missing one single file, which I didn’t noticed on my installation…). It should work now after extracting the Hotfix.rar into your Commandos folder.

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  10. Andras says:

    Hi! First of all, awesome, awesome job with these custom missions! I love them!

    I have one problem though. The custom missions used to work just well for me. Recently I have reinstalled my Windows (Win 7 Ultimate), same version, same installer as before. Now, when I install the custom missions using BCDMissions_v2.151.exe and I attempt to start the game, it does not start, I get an error instead:
    “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application”
    If I uninstall the mission pack, the game works again. If I re-install it, it does not work again.
    I’ve tried using 2 different base installations for the original Commandos Call of Duty and installed the mission pack over both of them, no luck, it still won’t run.
    It’s the same hardware, same Windows, same everything as before, when it worked.
    Any idea what I could do to fix it?
    Thank you!

    • Lexx says:

      You might want to try to run the installer with admin rights. Right click it, then run as admin. I’ll guess your problem is related to windows not allowing to extract files from the war_mp.dir.

      • Andras says:

        Thank you Lexx! I think you’re right about what could be the problem. As soon as I install the mission pack, the WAR_MP.dir disappears and I have a WAR_MP.backup instead, but no war_mp.dir. If I uninstall the mission pack, I get back the war_mp.dir. I did run the installer as admin, but the problem remains. Do you have any other suggestion about how to get around this?

        By the way will you make more missions in the future? I can imagine that it’s hard, but your work is awesome.

        Thank you!

        • Lexx says:

          You can manually extract the war_mp.dir file after installing the mod. There should be a “ComDirEx.exe” file in the installation folder. Drag & Drop the “WAR_BACKUP.DIR” on it, then the files will get extracted.

          I might create new missions in the future, but not anytime soon. But truth told, I don’t think modding Commandos is very hard- it’s just very time consuming and includes A LOT tedious labour. You have to do many things by hand, more than once, that’s probably what scares away many people who otherwise would be interested in creating their own content.

          • Andras says:

            Thank you!

            Yes, I did already try manually extracting the WAR_BACKUP.DIR, it seems to do something for a second or two (a black command window pops up briefly). But the error is the same after that.
            Too bad the installer’s log disappears (auto-closes) right after it finishes. Maybe it shows some error in the log, but I can’t see it this way…

          • Andras says:

            I have tried it on another Windows machine, there it worked, so I zipped the whole BTCOD dir and copied it to the machine where it didn’t work. Well, it still does not work with the mission pack. I wish I understood what’s wrong. I’m administrator on both machines. And it’s the same windows installation. Perhaps some runtime or DirectX is different…

          • Lexx says:

            If you copy all files over it, and it still doesn’t work, the problem must be somewhere else. Try to delete the “ddraw.dll” in the main folder and see if the game runs or something changes. It’s just a wild guess, though.

  11. Andras says:

    Lexx, you’re a freakin’ genius! I deleted ddraw.dll and voila! It works! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, man! My father is also very happy. He also plays Commandos and needless to say he loves your missions most :)

  12. Andras says:

    Lexx, you’re a freakin’ genius! I deleted ddraw.dll and voila! It works! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, man! My father is also very happy. He also plays Commandos and needless to say he loves your missions most :)

  13. tom says:

    i was finish this mission,
    when the mission pack release??

  14. christopher J Tellis says:

    mss32.dll is missing
    so what should i do now please help me….
    I love this game and i want to play…
    please sir give me solution

  15. Pham Tuan says:

    Sir! I’ve finish this pack of mission 3,click to next mission but this game wasn’t run to mission 4!? Can you explain that???

  16. JAMES says:


  17. Deepak says:

    Game Crash in Heavy Hands Mission And Eagle’s Nest Mission..Help Me To Fix It..

  18. M@ster says:

    Did you plan any update for better compatibility with latest Steam Commandos update (

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