Commandos: BCD – Mission Pack Version 2.149 Released

Commandos Mission PackWithout further ado, version 2.149 of my Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty – Mission Pack has just been released!

The changelog has been growing quite big over the past few weeks, ranging from simple fixes, to changes of soldier placements, up to slight redesigns of a few map layouts. Additionally, the new patch adds a new hotkey system to the game, which now allows to select the available Commandos with the number keys based on their actual position on the panel and not their hardcodet id. This engine enhancement (including a few other things, such as enabling the build-in editor) was done by malik_cjm.

With the jump to version 2.149 also comes a second bonus mission, which increases the pack’s content to 8 (6 main and 2 side-) missions. I am not 100% sure if I am going to make more missions in the future. It’s quite a huge amount of work that needs to be done, even though my workflow in that area is pretty smooth by now. For now I remain optimistic, though.

All in all I am pretty happy with the results for now. If you love (or loved to play) Commandos, you should grab that stuff right now!

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ArmA3: Operation Demeter

All good things are three… Aaaand here comes my third ArmA3 mission. Though, in this case, it is actually the very first ArmA3 mission that I’ve worked on. I started the day the game moved from Alpha to Beta status. What kept me from releasing it so far? Well, I wanted to have it to be a “perfect” release, with voice over and all that fuzz. By now I realized, that it is quite hard to find proper voice actors, though. As my other two missions were released without additional voice over just fine, I decided not to wait any longer…

In Operation Demeter, you are taking over the role of pilot Ltn. Gregory Parker in his AH-99 Blackfoot. Your co-pilot and gunner is Sgt. Sarah Foster. The mission objective is to infiltrate Stratis island and gather intel, without being detected by enemy forces.

Operation Demeter

Once again, the mission is singleplayer only. Find it in the Steam Workshop.

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ArmA3: Hornet Nest Release

It is ArmA3 tyme again!

My second released ArmA3 mission is ready and available in the Steam Workshop now. In Hornet Nest, you are taking over the role of the CSAT Para-Trooper Sgt. Omid Nazari. Your mission objective is to free the village Abdera of the local guerrillas, who are growing in strength more and more, with each passing day.

Hornet Nest

The mission is singleplayer only and features (more or less) tactical infantry gameplay. The development time of this mission was around three days.

Find it in the Steam Workshop.

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