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ArmA3 Campaign “Callsign Minotaur” released

Phew, it is two years since the last blog post. Well, nothing of much interest happened in the meantime, so I’ll use that as an excuse. Now, though, something interesting is happening again: “Callsign Minotaur”, my long-term campaign project for Armed Assault 3 has been released. Yay! And I sure took my sweet time with that one as well…

Callsign Minotaur actually started out as “Hornet Nest” back in 2013, around the time ArmA3 officially hit the release button. The CSAT-faction had me most intrigued, which is why I’ve already released a couple of missions featuring that faction since then… Not that campaign though, because it kept growing. It was growing so big, at some point it suddenly had its own Hub system similar to the vanilla campaign, with side missions, a truckton of dialog, a few choices and consequences, and all that jazz.

This resulted in more problems and issues: The scripts became more complicated (I’m a shit scripter), I had to think of many more unique mission ideas (repeating the same thing over and over is just boring), and the story started to fall apart, with not much making sense anymore if the player considers the bigger picture (timeline and general lore), voice over costs were skyrocketing (it’s not easy to find good voice actors, especially not if you have to translate all dialog into Farsi as well). It also didn’t helped that I’ve kept going back to other projects such as the Commandos – Mission Pack or my still not yet fully finished, but also not abandoned Fallout 2 mod (progress on that one has been quite solid, but that’s a story for another day… or year).

So what happened with that ArmA3 campaign now?
Easy: I scrapped it. After scrapping it, I picked up the good parts and started working on something new. Something smaller and more interesting, something that I can possibly finish at some point, with the – for me and my skills – best possible quality in mind. Then the Make Arma Not War contest started, which suited me well. Then I broke my hand and couldn’t work on anything for about 3 months. Then I became a lazy p.o.s. and things fell apart again… Occasionally I came back to this project, though, as I still wanted to finish something big for ArmA3.

Now it’s august 2017 and here it is. New and hot. Finally complete and ready for a public release. Yay.

Callsign Minotaur
(click the picture to get to the project page)

– A short campaign featuring the CSAT faction.
– Lore friendly.
– Fully voiced…
– … including translation to Farsi.
– New AAN videos to support the story.
– Comes with the old ArmA2 mountain bike…
– … and various new texture paint-jobs for it (CSAT, AAF, civilian variants).
– A new eyepatch “glasses” accessory.
– A couple more face textures (variants) for the CSAT faction.

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It look me like 5 years, but here is a new screenshot of my long-forgotten Fallout 2 modification.

Not much else to say. More news either later or never again, who knows…

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