ArmA3: Operation Demeter

“The Boeing-Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche was an advanced five-blade armed reconnaissance and attack helicopter designed for the United States Army. The RAH-66 program was canceled in 2004, before mass production began, after nearly $7 billion was spent on the program…” – Wikipedia

…In Bohemia Interactive’s ArmA3, the gunship program was never cancled. It’s the mid-2030s and the Comanche is called AH-99 Blackfoot – and it is a very capable flying fortress.

Operation Demeter is a stealth mission and my first ArmA3 release. It is singleplayer only, offers (more or less) variable hide-and-seek gameplay and features fully voiced dialog. The development time was something about one to two weeks, including the time to (re)learn the ArmA editor, trigger- and script-system.

In Operation Demeter, you are taking over the role of pilot Ltn. Gregory Parker in his AH-99 Blackfoot. Your co-pilot and gunner is Sgt. Sarah Foster. The mission objective is to infiltrate Stratis island and gather intel, without being detected by enemy forces.

Situation: Stratis is still occupied by CSAT forces. They are estimated at 60% strength and their morale is good. We know there are light combat vehicles all over the island, as well as heavy attack helicopters at the Stratis Air Base. Air patrols are very likely. Detection by the enemy will put the whole island on high alert.

You are on your own. We can’t risk being detected.

Download & Installation

Subscribe the mission in the Steam Workshop. After that you can select and start it in the ingame scenario menu.

Questions, problems, bugs or anything like that? Write me. – And if you like what you get here, please don’t mind about dropping a donation or two:


  • Lexx – Ideas and scripting
  • Lisac2k – Radio dialog tweaks
  • Rusty – Intro video

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