Fallout: New Vegas

Rauls Toolbox
Raul’s Toolbox allows Raul to fix up (not fully repair) the players currently equippped weapon for free once per day as long as he is a hired companion. The same mechanic was used for ED-E after receiving the Lonesome Road DLC upgrade. This feature doesn’t fix up the weapons as much as ED-E does, though, as the general equipment decay rate is already lowered due to Raul’s companion perk. Oh… You will have to get him his toolbox first to activate the additional service.

Brahmin Variant Redux
Brahmin Variant Redux visually expands the range of Brahmin in the game. You will now be able to find healthy brahmin as well as sick brahmin. Additionally, the brahmin randomly spawn with either horns on every head, horns on only one head or no horns at all. All brahmin calfs do look a bit more like calfs now as well.

If it wasnt for Betsy
If it wasn’t for Betsy is a companion mod and an addon to Brahmin Variant Redux. With this mod, the brahmin Betsy can now be found outside of the Freeside North Gate. This mod is based on the release from MoBurma. I’ve picked it up, fixed bugs and added a few of my own little tweaks. If it wasn’t for Betsy will be released together with Brahmin Variant Redux as soon as the last remaining details are finished.

Power Armor Gloves
Power Armor Gloves simply adds armored gloves to all Power Armors in the game. The model is taken from the Fallout 3 Enclave Hellfire Armor (also existing in the New Vegas data files), the texture is tweaked by me to fit the different color styles (Enclave and BoS).

Honest Hearts Letter
A Last Goodbye is a mod for the DLC Honest Hearts. It adds a letter from Graham or Daniel (depending on who you support and how much you support them) that can now be found on top of the loot-box at the end of the DLC. The mod has no influence on anything gameplay wise, but helps to increase Honest Hearts’ atmosphere with adding further depth to it.

No Dialog Tags is based on an experiment that I really had to do: Removing all the skill-, perk-, and whatever-tags that can be seen as prefix in the player answer options. In my opinion, due to this, the whole (dialogue) game experience changes to something better, as it’s now not possible anymore to just press the obvious win-button and be done with it.

Unlike in Fallout 3, removing the tags in the FNV dialogues doesn’t do any harm to the text flow, so it feels pretty good– in my opinion even better than with them.

Warehouse War House
Warhouse War House has been my very first quest mod for Fallout: New Vegas, and my very first quest mod for a Gamebryo engine-type of game (like Oblivion or Fallout 3). This quest is about a hostage situation, some NCR folks who come to rescue, and a fist full of drugged up Fiends. What will you do in this situation? Save one group, save the other, save nobody, save everyone? If the outcome is good or bad… well, your decision.

The quest itself isn’t very big. You can probably finish it in 5 minutes or even less if you go the rambo-way. It’s more about the story and the amount of choices provided to you, based on your characters stats and skills.

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